The Process - What happens when we receive your submission


When we receive your submission, we'll send you an acknowledgement via email. Please make sure you have added to your white-list.

Your submission will be assigned to a test-reader. After we review their assessment, we'll either request your entire manuscript or send an email with feedback containing suggestions for improvement.

If we request to see your entire manuscript, we expect to see it within 2-3 weeks. Once received, it will also be assigned to a test-reader and assessed. If we think your work is close to publishing quality, we'll offer a contract.

Once the contract is signed, we'll return detailed feedback on your manuscript plus an overview stating overall ways to polish your novel as we prepare to publish.

We send you a questionnaire to make sure we understand your story and audience as well as you do, learn more about you as an author and discover what networking and promotion you're already doing.

Book Covers - at the present time authors are responsible to provide their own book covers. However, they must be approved by PaperBox Books prior to publication to ensure they entice readers to click to read more. If you don't have the ability to provide a book cover, we can recommend designers based on your needs and budget.

As we begin promoting and finalizing your story for publication, we coach you in ways to promote your novel both online and in person, providing you with materials and tips for the best results.

We will send your manuscript through the editing process again for fine tuning and polishing. Time is of essence, so revision dates will be negotiated and contracted so that we can get your story up for sale as soon as possible.