Re-Submission Guidelines for PaperBox Books

Congratulations! We've asked to see more of your novel. Whether it's to fix and resubmit the first three chapters or your entire manuscript, there are some things you need to know.

  • PaperBox Books is a publisher. While our mandate is to offer feedback to new authors, we can offer only general comments about areas for improvement.
    • If our comments include examples of specific issues, they represent things we see throughout your writing. Before you resubmit, it is essential to fix these issues in your entire work.
    • We recommend you find proofreaders. Individuals able to identify incorrect facts, missing information, logic breakdowns and story flow issues.
  • Send a clean copy when you resubmit. Your re-submitted manuscript should be the new, polished version - not one marked up with tracked changes.
  • Writer's will only receive 2 detailed rejections with suggestions for improvement. Don't waste them on minor edits.
  • Expected time-lines for re-submission
    • If we request your full manuscript after reading your beginning chapters, we expect to receive it within 2-3 weeks.
    • If we request changes after seeing your full manuscript, it is wise to resubmit within 1-3 months. (Contracted authors MUST adhere to the dates negotiated in their contract.)
    • Contracted authors - revision deadlines are negotiated with you to ensure realistic time-lines. If there are issues arise that prevent you from submitting your revisions on time, we MUST be notified. If you do not contact us to re-negotiate the deadlines, the offer to publish can be retracted.