What is a Pitch?

A short 2-3 paragraph summary designed to make you want to read the book. Examples are found on the back of most novels. They tell you enough about the story to make you want to buy the book.

and a Synopsis?

For fiction a synopsis is the summary of the story which outlines the main story line and at least one sub-plot. As a publisher, we need to see how you develop your story and if the conclusion matches the set-up.

If your work is non-fiction, we need a chapter by chapter outline to show the topics you will cover and how you intend to develop your theme.

Why three chapters?

We need to see how you write.

Three chapters gives us a good indication of your writing ability and the quality of your storytelling. If by the end of the third chapter we don't have clear understanding of your story or we're not invested in the issues facing your characters and eager to read more then perhaps it needs more work. If we want to throw a tantrum because we have to wait for chapter four, we have a winner.

If your manuscript is littered with spelling errors we will not publish it. It's not only your reputation on the line, but ours too.

What is a domain and why do you need hosting for your author website?

Domain registration is the renting of your website address. In our case paperboxbooks.com. The rental can be renewed either annually or bi-annually. At the end of the term, domain names that are not renewed revert back to the public and can be purchased by anyone. Even if you choose not to keep your website, it's important that you keep your name reserved so others can't use it.

Hosting is buying space to hold your information online so people can access it. Website hosting is normally purchased annually, in a lump sum, or as a monthly payment.