Advice about submitting to PaperBox Books

What we're looking for:

While our goal is to publish every author who submits to us, we're very conscious that we're building our reputation along with yours. We want to be known for our 'Great Books on the Download' we want your book to be the best it can be. It's a win/win.

To that end, here is a list of things we watch out for when we're reading your novel, short-story or non-fiction work.

Proper spelling

It might seem a no-brainer, but make sure you run your novel through a spelling check. If your novel is full of errors, we can't publish it. We've promised our readers high quality books.

Style Check

Every writer has a unique voice. No matter what your voice and personal writing style it must remain consistent throughout your entire manuscript.

Continuity and Conclusion

We all love those books you just can't put down until the end and we all hate being pulled out of a story because the author has contradicted themselves: a blue sedan turns black or a character's outfit changes in a middle of a scene.

Our test-readers watch out for these types of anomalies. They also look for unresolved sub-plots and main story-lines where the final solution magically appears to save the day, e.g. a lottery win to save the hero's store from closing after they've struggled through fifteen chapters.


Characters are the glue that binds a story together. As the story progresses the reader gets to know them and starts to anticipate their actions and reactions. Each main character needs to be identifiable and consistent. Any actions they take contrary to reader expectations have to be explained or acknowledged as unusual.

Character Development

We also look for character development and how it is incorporated into the story. Main characters should not be static. As the story progresses, they must learn or change.

A Word or Two of Advice

Before you submit, get someone else to read the manuscript from start to finish. Ask them to watch for awkward phrasing, descriptions with too much or too little detail, incorrect facts, and anything else that makes them stop reading. Fix the issues before you send in your submission.

Finish, proofread and polish your manuscript before you submit. If we request to see the rest of your manuscript, we expect it to arrive within days.