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New Releases

Forged with Blood (Nelson Kirch Series, #2) by Maurice Lawless

The second book in Maurice Lawless' Nelson Kirch's series continues the adrenaline rush. Nelson Kirch is replaced, betrayed and forced to work for the demons he was trying to kill. The survival of his wife and unborn child depend entirely on the choices he makes.

Choices - A Selection of Short Stories by David O'Neil

A selection of short stories taking place in the UK. Tales woven about murder, mayhem, eternal life and the challenges of illegally exporting haggis to Lithuania.

Coming Soon

Blood of the Father (Nelson Kirch Series, #3) - by Maurice Lawless

A peaceful trip to the Texas Hill Country turns bloody. In the center once again is Nelson Kirch, professional exorcist. There is a power struggle in Hell and while Heaven has plans for his child's future - Hell wants him now.

Not Your Momma's Advice - by Sue Nelson Buckley

Tell it like it is, no BS advice about guys, your parents, your body, and answers to those questions you need to ask without embarrasing conversations or parental freak-outs.

Kiere - by Sue Nelson Buckley

What happens after disease sweeps through the world, killing everyone in major cities. In this "Little House on the Prairie" meets "Mad Max" adventure, Kiere and the others must rebel against the rules imposed on them and then fight to defend their land and their lives.

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