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Found in Blood (Nelson Kirch Series, #1)

by Maurice Lawless
Category: Horror, Paranormal

Nelson Kirch didn't ask to see demons. He grew up seeing a world beyond ours. A world of extremes. Nightmares and wonders, warring constantly, but out of sight to normal people.

Until the demons pierced the veil, and normal people began to die. The only clues left behind were strange symbols burned into their flesh.

Now an exorcist, Nelson is called in to assist with the investigation. The journey brings him face to face with mistakes from his past, and an ancient pact that threatens to bring unseen horrors into our world.

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Review by: Alexia Chamberlynn on the Raven Moon Urban Fantasy Newsletter
Found in Blood is a fast-paced, easy read. I am fascinated by stories with demons and fallen angels, so it was interesting to read all the names and descriptions Maurice came up with. It felt like a classic detective story, but with demons. Definitely high on the creep factor with all the demon possessions and whatnot. If you like a dark, scary read, this is right up your alley. Read the full Raven Moon Urban Fantasy Newsletter.

Who is Nelson Kirch?

Nelson Kirch knows there are many levels to evil and isn’t afraid to bribe the lesser ones to prevent bad stuff from happening. He may not have been as lucky as Buffy to find vampires with soul, but his allies definitely have their uses.

Nelson battles whatever Hell serves up. The last time he lost, it cost him more than just the battle. This time the stakes are even higher, so like a gun-slinger from the old West, he shoots holy water first and asks questions later.