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Forged with Blood (Nelson Kirch Series, #2)

by Maurice Lawless
Category: Horror, Paranormal

A man’s sins have a way of coming back to him.

Nelson grapples with the consequences of his practice, still haunted by the vision he had months before. His wife, Carol’s life is in danger, and he is powerless to stop it. Or is he?

Tensions rise when a new demon hunter is brought in by Rome. His methods are brutal, and his goal is a mystery. After a violent encounter, Nelson finds himself torn between his faith and his family.

Meanwhile, young Matilda’s powers are growing, and she’s begun attracting the attention of the other side. Can Nelson teach her to defend herself before it’s too late?

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Review by: Claire at Claire's Book Corner
Wow this book was fantastic. I really liked the first book Found In Blood, in fact I gave it 4 and a half pentagrams but this one just blew it away for me. As is normally the case the first book sets up the world building and introduces us to the characters so that the second book can really get into the nitty gritty of the story and that is what we have with Forged With Blood. Read Claire's complete review and rating.