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Dual Version - The Trouble with Jake & The Problem with Jake

by Sue Nelson Buckley
Category: Young Adult Romance, Adult Romance

An Experiment: Originally this novel was written as an adult paranormal romance. During the editing and pitching process, it was suggested this story might better suited to a young-adult audience. After the novel was re-written it was accepted by PaperBox Books for publishing.

Instead of choosing one version over the other, it was decided that the two versions were sufficiently unique to allow both to be offered for sale: the original adult paranormal version called 'The Problem with Jake' and the young adult version called "The Trouble with Jake".

While the main story is the same, the scenes play out differently and the sub-plots have changed because of Kathryn's age and the limitations imposed by each genre. In the adult version Kathryn is 29, engaged, owns a townhouse and is gainfully employed. In the young adult version, Kathryn attends university, isn't engaged yet (officially anyway) and still lives with her parents when she's not at school.

The dual version includes both editions of Kathryn and Jake's story. A great idea for book clubs, writers and folks interested to see the difference in genres and how they can be used to create unique novels, based on the same premise.

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