iPad reviews – had enough?

Hi, I don’t know about you but I’m getting a bit overwhelmed by the number of reviews of the iPad as a reader.

It seems fairly universal that it’s not the best reader. It’s too reflective, too heavy, and too big. There’s lots of great feedback for other purposes but ereader doesn’t seem to be a hit.

I don’t have one, and probably won’t get one, so I’m not going to rant about whether it will kill the Kindle or the publishing industry. I will give two thoughts.

When looking at iPad being an industry changer, doing to publishing what iTunes did to the music industry, I haven’t seem much comment on the fact that the music industry was mainly bricks and mortar before iTunes. Amazon is not bricks and mortar so I’m not sure the iPad can make as drastic an impact as iTunes did. And, books have not been a mainly bricks and mortar shopping experience for years. So, I will sit back and watch what happens, no predictions from me.

The other comment, well, I’m entertained by the reviews of the iPad as an unwieldy and mirrorlike ereader, but I don’t think Apple actually developed it as an ereader. Just like the iPod/phone/touch the iPad is a multifunction device. And, because of that I don’t think it can be the best anything. The best ereader will fit in a purse/manpurse/ or pocket, will have a long lasting battery and will be readable outside. In my opinion anyway.

Just like the best phone, will be clear, light, easy to use and not feel like  a brick in my hand.

So, for those of you who like the new toys, I’m enjoying your posts about the iPad, but if I decide to buy one, I won’t be expecting it to be a perfect anything, I’ll be expecting it to do a good job with a lot of functionality.


The Itouch as a reader

My friend purchased a Sony reader and bestowed her iPod Touch on me. Best ereader in my opinion – a free one.

She gave me the iPod Touch because it required something that many of us are in short supply of, discipline – too many games.  I have to admit, I’ve been playing games on it more than reading but I am declaring a moratorium on games.

I have to say, I do like the fact that I don’t have another device to throw in my purse – it weighs the same as a small car as it is. I like having my music, podcasts and books all to hand (oh yeah, and the games). The reader is backlit, true but I don’t have a problem with eyestrain so it’s not a problem for me.

I have four reader apps downloaded so I’m device independent, Kindle, B&N, e-reader and stanza seem to be enough to manage all the books I want to read.  I do have 5 paper books and 2 books on my BlackBerry that I can’t move to the Touch – future books will all be on the iTouch though.

That’s my take on the e-reader. Now back to publishing.


Do I want a Kindle for Christmas?

I did make a decision about buying an e-reader – I wanted to wait until the platforms had stabilized and DRM had been worked out. Trying to keep out of the war about who’s toy is best. And I’m happy to read on my BlackBerry for now.

I am standing firm – okay, maybe not firm but still haven’t bought one. My strong inclination – like if I suddenly broke down and got one, is to go with the Sony E-book. It really comes down to the wireless thing. I kind of like knowing that when I buy a book it’s mine and no one will pull it off my bookshelf. Take that Amazon.

As a publisher and an author, I want books to be available in all the locations, and a reasonable income flow. As it stands right now, Amazon takes the biggest cut, and they are the largest retailer so good for them. But they only sell kindle ebooks.

Where do I buy my books. Fictionwise, why? because they sell multiple formats and they have lots of books.

Oh, and if Santa is reading this blog, if you got me a Kindle, it’s okay, I’ll settle for it.


The debate is heating up – Sony vs Kindle

Saw this interesting article in the Vancouver Sun today. It’s a head to head comparison of the Sony Reader versus Amazon’s Kindle – http://www.vancouversun.com/business/Kindle+Sony+Readers+Canadians+wait/2293331/story.html.

Since e-readers are integral to our business, we’re find it interesting to see how the different e-readers are developing as the competition for market share heats up. We’ll keep you posted.