Closing the Circle by P.A. Wilson

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Closing the Circle by P.A. Wilson

A serial killer is stalking Felicity Armstrong. Can Agent Sam Barton and the rest of the FBI stop him before he kills all her friends?


Review of Closing the Circle:


Felicity is never sure if she’s a suspect or next on the list to be a victim. Someone is using a twisted version of Wicca, which Felicity just happens to practice, to kill the people who have wronged her.


P.A. Wilson keeps her readers filled with suspense as they tour popular sites in San Francisco one body at a time. Note to self – do not read just before bed.

Grey Areas by Jessica Dall

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Grey Areas by Jessica Dall

Willow and her friends had no idea their bond was anything exceptional until James joined their group. At first, they were skeptical of his insistance they were Eudaimons but soon, they are forced to flee for their lives in a clash of black versus white, with battlelines blurred by grey areas.


Review of Grey Areas:


Jessica Dall takes us into a world where everything is the same… well almost.


Who would have thought that mythical Daimons still roamed around causing havoc and that the Eudaimons hadn’t all perished when Rome burned. The two sects clash when they discover each other in Oregon with Willow, her Eudaimon friends and Logan her Daimon boyfriend caught in the middle.


This fast paced, fighting for survival, story gives a new twist to the whole concept of love conquers all and opens a lot of ‘what-if’ questions begging to be answered.

Bigger Than My Heart by Carolyn Maine

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Bigger Than My Heart by Carolyn Maine

As if being the oldest of nine children… well almost ten, isn’t complicated enough, Susan is faced with even more decisions when two very different guys come into her life, both demanding her attention.


Review of Bigger Than My Heart:

This is a charming story about Susan, the oldest of nine kids with a tenth on the way. She has two awesome friends who help her navigate the onslaught of parental interference and family responsibilities and manage to actually have a life. Then comes Woody, the geek from her Dad’s firm and Silas, a dream come to life.


Can things get any more complicated?


Carolyn Maine has captured the complex life of teens in this fun romance. We can all relate to the challenges Susan faces. Everything from part time jobs, bratty little brothers and which guy to take to the prom.

Review – Pillars of the Earth,Ken Follett

I have read Pillars of the Earth twice and loved it both times. It’s rich and deep and historical and romance and betrayal and about politics and religion and building cathedrals. Who could want for more?


I finished watching the recent miniseries made from the books and I kept saying to myself, I don’t remember that, that’s not right etc. Of course, I hadn’t remembered all of the book, and for some of it, I was right, they had made some changes to shorten it for TV and give it more action.


The story is – well as I said above there’s more than one story here.


The story about building the cathedral is filled with conflict between the local prior and the evil bishop.


The story about the English succession is – well tied into the story with the evil bishop.


The story of faith meets conflict on practicality.


If you are looking for an example of finely crafted complexity this is the best one I know.


10 page turns.



Book Review – Bet Me by Jennifer Cruisie

I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon of book reviewers. Why? ‘Cause I read.


I read a lot of different genres and since starting PaperBox Books with Sue, I’ve broadened my reading habits even more. One thing I’ve always returned to for entertainment that doesn’t challenge me too much, is the contemporary romance.


Jennifer Cruisie is always reliable for a light yet satisfying read. Her heroines are likable even when they are in the throes of their flaws. In Bet Me, Min is just such a heroine, she’s a chubby daughter of a skinny family and her mother thinks that the best way to support her is to keep her off carbs.


Along comes our hero, Cal, the typical gorgeous hunk – who is really a good guy, right? He takes a bet from Min’s ex boyfriend. What Min hears and what Cal says are two different bets.


I don’t think I gave too much away but now I’ll stop with the plot and let you enjoy it.


Overall, it kept me reading, I liked all the characters, even the evil ones. Cruisie kept the story moving and the characters developing believably.


I give it 10 page turns out of 10


Enjoy a good read.