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Carolyn Maine

Genres: Young Adult Romance

Growing up in the rural northeast, even a family of seven offered enough quiet time to gain a love of reading and writing, as well as material for a book about a large family. Carolyn’s first attempts at writing from about the age of twelve fell, of course, into the category of “practice.” The young people in “Bigger than my Heart,” have been with her for some time and finally insisted on coming to life.

After her book of poems, “Candlewood and Codfish Bones, Imaginative Autobiographies of Cape Cod Women – 1750,” won first prize in the 2002 Mellon Poetry Press contest, Carolyn finished a fantasy called “Halderwold,” which was published by iUniverse in 2007. No longer working as a paralegal, she now finds time to volunteer at a local cat shelter where the furry residents frequently bring her to giggles and/or tears. She lives in a country setting in Eastern Connecticut with her husband, Norman, and their two crazy cats, Gypsy and Maggie. In her spare time, there are books to be read, walks to be taken, trees and skies to be admired, and new characters and their adventures to be contemplated.

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