PaperBox Books

The Publisher

PaperBox Books Publishing has a mission to get authors published.

No matter what your genre, if your book is publishable, PaperBox Books will find a market for it through Twitter, Facebook, blogs, online communities, and traditional distribution and marketing channels.

Our philosophy:

Each writer brings with them many things: a manuscript, enthusiasm and an audience. By working together, we can accomplish great things. Authors who have their books published online through PaperBox Books Publishing will take advantage of the ever growing network of fellow writers and their audiences. Oh and make some money too :)

The People Behind the Publisher

We're writers. We belong to several writing communities and have heard the same story over and over: manuscripts praised for their creativity and writing style yet rejected because they didn't suit the current market trend.

PaperBox Books is open to other authors who share our passion for writing well and want the opportunity to sell their novels to people who love great books.